M.Phil Music


Minimum Qualifications
  1. There shall be the M.Phil. Degree Programme in each Department of the Faculty of x x x, Music & Fine Arts of the University.
  2. The Programme may be run on a full time basis or on a part-time basis, or both,depending upon the facilities available in the department to run the programme.
  3. Subject to the overall control of the Academic Council, the M.Phili Programme in a Department will be administered by an M.Phil. Committee consisting of the Head of the Department, all professors in the Department and such other teachers (including teachers from other Departments wherever necessary) recommended by the Dean of the Faculty, on the advice of the Head of the Department and approved by the Vice-Chancellor. However, the total membership of the Committee shall not exceed.The Head of the Department shall be the Chairperson of the Committee.X X X Members of the M. Phil. Committee, other than the Head the Department and Professors in the Department, shall hold office for a period of two years. After the M.Phil Committee is once constituted and a person who is not already a member of the M. Phil Committee is appointed as professor, such a person will, automatically, become a member of the M.Phil Committee. In such a situation, the maximum limit of 15 of the membership of the Committee shall not apply till such time the M.Phil Committee is reconstituted.This Committee shall :
    a) invite the scrutinise applications and make admissions to the M.Phil. programme;
    b) design courses and lay down syllabi for the same. The M.Phil Committee of the Department will give due consideration to the suggestions made by the teachers of the Department while designing the courses and laying down the syllabi for the same;
    c) organise lectures, seminars and supervision of the dissertation work etc.;
    d) make arrangements for the conduct of oral/written examinations, evaluation ofperformance in a day-to-day work, including tests, seminars, viva-voce etc;
    e) recommended persons for appointment as internal/external examiners for consideration by the Academic Council.
  4. The duration of the programme for full-time students shall ordinarily be one calendar year. The duration of the Programme in respect of part-time students shall ordinarily be two calender years. Variations in the duration of the programme may be allowed by the Academic Council, on the recommendations of the M.Phil Committee of the  Department.
  5. The minimum qualifications for admission to the M.Phil Course in various disciplines of the University shall be as follows: The candidate should have good academic record with first or high second class* Master’s degree or an equivalent degree of a foreign university in the subject,concerned, or an allied subject, to be approved by the Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendations of the Head of the Department and the Dean of the Faculty, concerned, provided that the above minimum marks requirement shall not apply in the case of the teachers of the University of Delhi holding substantive appointments before the promulgation of this Ordinance.

    NOTE: Second class would mean at least 50% marks in the subject or an equivalent grade and high second class would mean at least 55% marks.

  6. Attendance: students shall be required to attend lectures and participate in seminars arranged in the Department during the Programme. The minimum percentage of lectures to be attended and seminars to be participated in by the students shall be determined by the M.Phil Committee of the Department, but, in no case, minimum requirement to be prescribed in any department shall be less than 2/3rd of the lectures delivered and seminars held, separately. The M.Phil Committee of the Department will also constitute for each student, an Advisory Committee of 3 to 5 members including the supervisors of the candidate. The Advisory Committee, which may also include members from other departments, will advise the student in his studies, seminar work and dissertation work etc.
  7. The M.Phil Examination shall be held by the M.Phil Committee of the Department, in two parts, as follows: Part - I : Three or four courses, on Methods of Research, major aspects of the subject and allied subjects (permutations of the above may be allowed according to the nature of the discipline and the specific topic for dissertations).In the case of the full-time M.Phil. Programme (one calender year), the examination shall be held at a suitable stage in the middle of the Course.In the case of part-time M.Phil Programme’ (two calendar years), theexamination shall be held at a suitable stage towards the close of the 1st year. Part - II : After passing the examination of the courses, as above, a student shall be required to write a dissertation on a subject approved by the Advisory Committee, under supervision of the supervisors appointed for the purpose. The dissertation will be submitted only when the supervisor(s) concerned is/are satisfied that the dissertation is worthy of consideration in part fulfillment of the M.Phil Degree. Provided that the application for submission of Dissertation shall also be countersigned by the. Head of the Department, concerned. The Dissertation may include results of original research, a fresh interpretation of existing facts and data or a review article of a critical nature or may take such other form as may be determined by the Advisory Committee. Provided that a student who has secured 50% marks in at least two courses (separately, in written and practical) of the Part-I Examination may be allowed to proceed for his dissertation work. Such a student shall be permitted to submit his/her dissertation only when he/she has passed the exami.nation in all the courses prescribed under Part-I (Clause 7). In the case of students, who have not cleared all the courses at the Examination as prescribed in Part-I (Clause 7), the M.Phil Committee of the Department will arrange a special examination in remaining courses at a suitable stage of the programme.

  8. Note: The Dissertation should be submitted by the date fixed by the M.Phil. Committee of the Department, in each case; provided that the M.Phil. Committee, subject to the provisions of Clause 8 hereafter, may grant any candidate extension of time to the extent necessary, to submit dissertation, on request from the candidate, concerned, on individual merits of each case. Where a dissertation is submitted beyond six months, from the date when it should have been submitted in the ordinary course, the same shall be treated and entertained in relation to the next year’s examination and the student, concerned, shall be required to fulfil all the formalities including enrolment as ex-student and filling up a fresh examination form for this purpose. The maximum marks for each course and the pattern and duration of the examination in each course shall be determined by the M.Phil Committee of the Department in each case. Weightage may be given by the M.Phil Committee. M. Phil Committee of the Department in the final evaluation of the candidate, to internal assessment, based on his/her performance in the periodical tests and seminars, in no case, shall the weightage exceeds 50% of the total marks of the M.Phil. Examination.

  9. Students who perform at a prescribed level (75% marks in the aggregate of Part-I Examination (Clause 7) may be allowed to proceed to the Ph.D. Programme without being required to take the Part II examination. Provided that a student who has been allowed to proceed to the Ph.D. Programme, as above, shall have the option to return to the M. Phil. Programme at a later stage. However, such a student shall be required to clear the M.Phil. Programme /within the overall span period of three years from the date of his/her initial registration to the full-time M. Phil. Programme.
  10. The evaluation of candidates, both, in respect of courses and the dissertation, to be submitted by them, shall be done numerically. The minimum marks required to pass the M.Phil. Examination shall be 50% marks in the aggregate of written courses, 50% marks in the aggregate of practical courses and 50% marks in the Project Report/Dissertation including viva-voce, separately.
  11. No student shall be allowed to appear in any part of the examination more than twice, and a student must clear the M.Phil, examination within three years of his initial registration for the M.Phil, full-time programme. A candidate, who, having fulfilled the attendance requirement etc. and being otherwise eligible to appear at the examination, fails to appear at the same, he/she shall be required to appear/ reappear at the same, on his being enrolled as an ex-student, in accordance with the rules prescribed in this behalf.

The minimum percentage of attendance to qualify for appearing at the annual
Examination is 2/3 of total classes held.

Fee Structure

The following is the fee structure prescribed for the M.Phil, programme in the University,
subject to, however, change, from time to time by the university:
Part-I: Admission Fee ---- 10/-
Tuition Fee ---- 200/-
Enrolment Fee* ---- 300/-
University Library Development Fund ---- 200/-
Cultural Council Fee ---- 10/-
University Development Fund ---- 300/-
Athletic Association Fee ---- 5/-
W.U.S. Health Centre Fee ---- 120/-
N.S.S. Fund ---- 20/-
University Library Security Deposit ---- 1000/-
University Library Fee ---- 12/-
Prevention of Sexual Harrassment Fund ---- 10/-
Part-II: Dissertation Fee ---- 1000/-
*Re-enrolment fee is Rs. 300/- per year (for old/existing students.)
13. The successful candidates of the M.Phil. Examination shall be classified as follows:
1. 1st Division with distinction -- 75% marks in the aggregate of above
2. 1st Division -- 60% marks in the aggregate or above but
below 75% marks.
3. Pass -- 50% marks in the aggregate of above but
below 60% marks.