Certificate Course

Minimum Qualifications
  1. There shall be a Certificate Course in Music named “One-year Certificate Course – for foreign students only” in the Department of Music.
  2. The duration of the Course shall be one academic year.
  3. TIn addition to the conditions as laid down in the Ordinance.A candidate seeking admission to the one-year Certificate Course in Hindustani/ Karnatak Music, besides having passed the 10+2 Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi or any of its equivalent examination, must have basic aptitude and knowledge of Hindustani/Karnatak Music evidenced through the Entrance Test, to be conducted by the Department of Music and such other qualifications as are prescribed by the Music Courses Admission Committee, from time to time.
Medium of Instruction
  1. Hindustani Music – Instructions to be imparted in English language only.
  2. Karnatak Music – Instructions to be imparted in English language only.

Course of Study

The Scheme of Examination for the Certificate Course is given below: (the Course will lay special emphasis on the attainment of detailed study of the theoretical and practical aspects of Indian Classical Music).

Scheme of Examination:

Paper – I Theory 100 marks
There will be one theory paper of three hours’ duration.
Paper-II Practical 100 marks
Practical – Performance and Viva-voce:
There will be half an hour‘s practical examination in which 15 minutes shall be given to the candidate to present choice raga. There will be a set of four examiners, two internal (one each from vocal and instrumental) and two external (one each from vocal and instrumental).


Examination is conducted by the University at the end of each academic year and the candidates who have pursued a regular course of study for one academic year are allowed to appear for Examination, subject to fulfillments of other conditions.

Attendance Requirement

A student admitted to the Certificate Course shall not be deemed to have satisfied the required attendance unless he/she has attended not less than 3/4th of the lectures delivered and practicals held in each subject in each academic year.

Minimum Pass Marks & Classification of Results

The minimum marks required, to pass the examination, shall be 40%. The successful candidates of the Examination shall be classified as follows:

  1. Distinction – 75% or above. 1st Division – 60% but below 75% marks in aggregate.
  2. IInd Division – 50% but below 60% marks in aggregate Pass – Minimum 40% marks.
  3. Tentatively, the number of seats is 20.

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